Microsoft profile - ONE Drive login errors 0x8004da9a


Tony Krasin cannot log in to his One Drive account at all, below is the steps taken by Sharp IT

Steps taken to attempt to try and resolve the issue below.

Error being recieved - We are having a problem signing you in 0x8004da9a

Restarted one drive

Uninstalled and reinstalled one drive

Cleared one drive cache

Reset the one drive application with %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset

Tried one drive on a different user profile and the issue is the same

Checked the version of one drive which is the latest version and is up to date

Checked internet connection which is stable


Removed Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB5031354)   rebooted and fixed the issue.
Creation date: 11/9/2023 8:11 AM      Updated: 11/9/2023 8:11 AM