D365 - Service Management HSO - Service Object / Machine does not exist or is missing


User cannot find a service object by serial number.


  1. Verify that the machine has been pack slipped.

  2. Navigate to Service Management - HSO and go to Setup - Objects - Object Items.

  3. Check if the item number (machine type) is listed. If the item number is not in this list, any machine with that item number will not be added to the Service Objects screen.


  • Entries in the Object Items list are to be entered by Service Managers. IT does not add these entries.

  • Existing missing machines will need to be added manually by a user in Service. Once the entry is made in the Object Items screen, any new machine with that item number will be automatically added to the Service Object screen going forward.
Creation date: 5/17/2024 10:51 AM      Updated: 5/17/2024 10:51 AM
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